The Power of Gratitude

Reiki OC Blog - The Power of Gratitude

A Precept of the Reiki Ideals Since learning Reiki 20 years ago I have been focused on the precepts written by Mikao Usui. One of which is “Be Grateful”. I noticed that when I focused on this precept during my day it had a wonderful effect on my mood and behavior. Simple things like saying […]

The Benefits of Sound Healing

Reiki OC Blog - The Benefits of Sound Healing

I have been studying the benefits of Sound Healing for the past 15 years. I have found it to be an amazing modality to promote stress reduction and relaxation. It helps to put the body and mind into balance, and often elevates moods by releasing trapped energy or emotions that keep us from our peace […]

Discovering Yourself Through Past Life Regression

Reiki OC Blog - Discovering Yourself Through Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered about your previous lives? Are you curious about what you were doing in a past life? Who you were in a previous lifetime? Many people believe that we have multiple lives, and that sometime in this lifetime, we will remember our past lives. This is called regression. There are different types […]