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Reiki Sessions

What To Expect in My Reiki Sessions
90 - 100 Minutes / $220
Provided In-Person or Long Distance

My sessions are a personalized plan of Reiki with an integration of other healing modalities that will best meet your needs. They can be done either in-person on long distance via phone. I have been doing energy medicine for 20 years and have also worked in western medicine as a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. I am committed to offering you the best of all I have learned and studied over the years both from conventional healing and from my metaphysical studies and experiences. I consider myself a lifelong student of personal growth and healing.

When getting a Reiki session with me clients generally report feeling deeply relaxed and feeling waves of loving energy flow thru and around them. Many people report a sense of being deeply loved. Sometimes they see beautiful colors of light or travel as if in a dream. They often describe floating or feeling lifted at times, or deeply calm and relaxed in ways they may not have experienced before.

Additional Information

They may fall asleep only to wake up after the session and within hours after the session feel lighter with new insights or perceptions about the life issues they are dealing with. Some report mystical experiences, and or surprising results of healing from their session. I have found in doing about 8,000 sessions each session will be unique. It is important to remember Reiki will NEVER cause harm and will NEVER go against free will. For me as I channel and work with the Reiki energy it feels like a warm, gentle energy of intelligence, pure love and compassion that is connected to God or the source that created all that is. This source is known my many names. Reiki was created as a natural healing energy for all living things. For Reiki to be of benefit you do not need to believe in anything. You only need to give permission for the Reiki energy to flow thru you and around you. Then see the results for yourself. When you arrive, we will talk about what brought you to see me and the work begins even as you talk. I will make recommendations of how we will work in your session and what I feel will be best for you. Sometimes I don’t know until we get started how I will be guided by the energy to work with you.

Reiki Orange County - Sound Healing

Your Reiki Session Will Include Combining One or More of The Following Modalities

Crystal Healing
When I began doing energy work 20 years ago I began learning and taking classes on the long history of the use of crystals for helping people to relax and heal. I have now done over 6000 sessions and have also found the results of combining Reiki with crystal healing to be highly effective. My use of crystals can be done in a variety of ways as listed below.

Mat which lays over the top of my massage table. It is filled with 30 lbs. of amethyst crystal. It has a Texas Instrument computer and emits infrared rays for an intercellular detox along with negative ions, the “feel good ions”. This mat was developed in Japan for helping to reduce stress, relax the body and I find it also helps to strengthen your energy field.


This is a device that suspends 7 large, pointed crystals over your 7 major energy centers known as chakras. It pulsates light and color into your field to clear, expand and balance these centers. It is a very calming and relaxing experience to lay under the lights as you drift deeply into a place of peace and calm.

Crystal Gridding

This is a practice where crystals are strategically placed in different types of matrices on and around your body for healing and balancing you. I offer a number of types of gridding which could be used for:

Sound Healing
Using sound for healing and relaxation is now well documented as a powerful tool for health, healing and wellness. Sound can help to release negative or congested energy, relax, comfort, and align your body/mind and spirit. I use sound frequencies with the Reiki energy in several ways which could include:
Guided Imagery
The use of imagery can be very healing and will help you to release, align and create a space for new possibilities in your life. Imagery is powerful when combined with Reiki. We can use specific scenes that you focus on in your mind and your body will follow. What ever we imagine the body believes is happening. This creates an opening for healing and growth. Our minds and thoughts are powerful. I often integrate the use of imagery to help move you into the directions you are wanting to move into. The Reiki energy can also guide you where you need to go. It can often feel magical and freeing.

This modality has been used for health and healing for centuries. In many hospitals around the world hypnosis is used to promote healing. It is highly effective for helping with pain management, behavioral changes, anxiety, sleep disorders, performance improvement and helping to talk with the unconscious mind which often has old outdated “tapes” that keeps us from our peace and joy.

Combined with the effects of Reiki it can be used as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. Hypnosis is a state of “focused attention”. The practitioner works with you to create positive suggestions that go deeply into the conscious and unconscious mind. Hypnosis NEVER takes away your personal power. You ARE always in control.

Intuitive Life Coaching
Since becoming a Reiki Practitioner I have studied and developed my intuitive skills. I can often connect to higher ascended beings who have important messages for you. I especially love to work with the Angelic Realm. They always see our unlimited potential. The energy or guides will often give me messages in different ways that may help to take you to a place of inspiration and possibilities. This often helps to break the barriers that keep you from your peace and joy. After your session we will share together our experiences from your session.

After Your Session

I encourage you to have several hours after your session to be in a place of peace and quiet. This is wonderful time to be out in nature and to spend time alone with yourself. Journaling after your session can be helpful. It is common when you spend time in reflection after your session you will see or feel things in new ways.

The Reiki energy will continue to work with you for days after you have the session with me. It will be clearing and aligning you. Pay attention thru the week of how your thoughts, feelings and or perceptions have changed. You have brought a “Great Light” into your field which is deeply loving and supportive. Remember that light transforms darkness every time no exception. Thank you for reading about my work. I would be honored to see you for a session either In-person or Long Distance.

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