True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

I have always loved animals. Over the years, Reiki has helped me to develop my skills in doing energy sessions with animals which includes animal telepathic communication.

I would have never imagined in the past that Reiki would help me to build such a strong psychic connection with animals. There are now thousands of Animal Reiki Practitioners and Animal Communicators around the world and growing! There are many books and schools where you can learn to develop these skills if this is of interest to you.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the true stories below.

Julie Russell
ICRT Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

  • I had a student with an unhappy parrot. She reported that she has had parrots for years but one of her parrots over the last year has been very stressed and unhappy. His name was Harry, and he was picking out his feathers. She had taken him to many bird specialists with no positive results. She asked if I could offer Harry Reiki and tune into him to see what the problem might be. She sent me a picture and I did a session. Harry accepted Reiki for relaxation but told me what he was very unhappy because he wanted to watch TV and wanted to watch programs with jungle themes. He reported he remembered early in his life living in the trees and being free. He missed that feeling and it was making him anxious not to see the jungle where he had been born and free. He realized he could never return. When I told the woman his request she said it made perfect sense. Parrots LOVE to watch TV and she had stopped doing it with her parrots. After the session she moved her TV where he could watch it and bought some DVDs of the forest. She reported back to me one month later that he was now doing well and had finally stopped plucking out his feathers. Harry also told me to tell people… Birds want to be free. Please stop putting them in cages unless they are injured or unable to fly.

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

  • Grey the Cat. Grey was a feral cat and was adopted by a staff member because the hospital grounds where he lived was told by a regulatory agency that they must trap and dispose of all the feral cats living on the property. Grey was captured but then luckily released to a hospital staff member so he could be moved to another neighborhood where feral cats were allowed to live. The only issue was that he had to stay in the garage of this man’s home for 3 weeks to ensure he did not return to his previous territory. The owner asked me to talk with Grey, so he would understand this was only a temporary capture since Grey had been very agitated and restless since the move. I used my Reiki to connect to Grey who was happy to hear that he had been “rescued” and spent the time after we talked being very calm until he could be released. He now lives happily and free in his new neighborhood and occasionally is seen in the backyard sunning himself.

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

  • My little dog Marley was one year old. I noticed one morning he was under my feet at the computer, and he seemed different. I called him out from under the desk and noticed he seemed lethargic. As I quieted my mind, turned my Reiki on and did a byosen scan on him I heard… he has a bowel obstruction, take him to the vet now. I took him to the vet who examined him and did an x-ray. Nothing showed. I just “knew” this was the problem as he laid there listless and quiet. I then told the vet to do the surgery to be sure. He told me it would be $1800. He reluctantly did what I asked. After the surgery he came out with an amazed look on his face. He had found in the intestine a long shoestring that Marley had somehow swallowed and was stuck in the GI tract. Had it not been removed he would have died.
  • I returned home early from work one day to find our 14-year-old dog lying on the floor quietly with her neck completely swollen. As I walked up to her and looked at her neck I turned my Reiki on to “tune in”. I heard a voice clearly direct me. I was told that she needed to go to the vet immediately and be put to sleep, that within several hours her condition would worsen and cause her a lot of pain and discomfort. I was directed to continue to give her Reiki and call the family to be with her as she passed. It was a surreal feeling for us all. We took her to the vet and just as I was told there was nothing that could be done. She had a tumor which had swelled out of control and was inoperable. For over an hour we sat with her sending her love and Reiki as we all spent time saying our goodbyes, giving her donuts (her favorite) and being with her to the end. It was a beautiful experience and she passed quietly and peacefully. We all noticed in the weeks after her death that instead of being distraught by our loss, we all felt at peace that she had transitioned in such a beautiful and loving way. We all felt this state of grace that everything that had happened was exactly as it needed to be.

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

I went to the horse stables one day with my friend who had recently bought a horse. She wanted me to give her new horse Reiki and explain to her how happy she and her daughter were to be her new guardians. While I was there I did Reiki and readings for many horses and their owners. Here are some of the results. This was the first time I had ever been to the stables and knew nothing about any of the horses or their owners.

  • Paddington was a pony who was owned by a woman who gave riding lessons at the barn. As I went into the stall Paddington gave permission for the Reiki session and immediately started telling me that a serious mistake had occurred. He reported that he was supposed to come into this lifetime as a dog but instead had come in as a horse! He was not happy about this. He wanted me to tell his owner that he would really like a “bed” like dogs have so that he could lie down comfortably in his stall and people could come in and pet him like they would a dog. As you can imagine I thought this could not be true. I then heard “you are the messenger. Get out of your ego! I told his owner the message and she began to laugh. She reported that she had always treated this pony like a dog. She would walk him with her all day long as she gave riding lessons and would even walk him up to the store. She then showed me that she had even taught him dog tricks… like shake a hoof…. I couldn’t believe it. But it really taught me an important lesson. I understood the importance of being humble and grateful that I could help people to understand their animals in deeper and profound ways.
  • Another Reiki session that I did that made me cry was for a beautiful horse that told me to please thank his new owner for taking such loving care of him. He explained to me that the previous owners were cruel and often hit and beat him. He had suffered for some time. He now felt he was coming back to life again thanks to the love and kindness shown to him from this beautiful young woman. As I told this to the woman she and I both cried as she said to me, “I knew that is how he felt, but it means so much to hear it from you too. Now I know for sure I was not making it up. He is right. I knew the owners who had him before me and they were not nice people.”
  • I met a beautiful new horse that was new to the barn. As I approached him in his stall and asked for permission to give him Reiki he strongly refused. He told me “I am an aristocrat. Please look down. You do not have permission to look me in the eye. He continued to tell me what a special horse he was. He was very beautiful and quite large. As I left his stall I told the owner what he had said to me. She laughed and agreed. “He is an aristocrat. He was recently brought to the US from Germany and has a very long and extensive lineage of top jumpers in the world. I asked if he would be taken out into the paddock today and she told me he would be taken out shortly by a young woman for exercise. I asked if I could watch. As she rode him around the paddock he said to me, “I love when this woman rides me. She is an aristocrat too; she is a Princess”. When the woman stopped to chat with me as she sat in the ring with the horse I asked her if she was a “Princess”. She began to cry and said, “That is what my father always calls me”. I told her what the horse had told me. She gave him a big hug around his neck as they left.
  • Another time I had done a Reiki session on a horse who really liked getting a session. Several weeks after that session as I drove to work the animal unexpectedly came into my thoughts as I was driving and told me to please tell his owner there was something wrong with his food. I thought I just made it up until the next day when the horse again came into my thoughts as I was driving and said again… “Please tell my owner there is something wrong with my food”. This time I did contact the owner and several hours later was told that indeed the hay the horse was being given was moldy and would make the horse very ill if he ate it.

Messages from the Sea

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

My story starts 6 years ago when I went on a trip to Hawaii. In my Reiki meditations I began to be told I was to meet with the Dolphins. This was a new idea to me and so I started to research what this could mean. I found that dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and have been a friend to man for centuries. There are many reports of how dolphins have saved men who were drowning or being threatened by a shark. I read many books about dolphins helping people with disabilities to overcome depression and anxiety, and helping autistic children open more in their communication with others. There were reports of them doing energy healing for others which is called “sonar healing”. I was fascinated by this all. I happily discovered that on the Big Island of Hawaii, which my family and I were scheduled to visit, there were 2 companies that were allowed to take people out to swim with the dolphins in the wild. In January 2012 I signed up to take my family on one of these trips.

On the day of our trip, it was a beautiful, sunny day with clear and calm waters as we headed out to a cove with 4 other people to see if the dolphins would spend time with us. The captain let us know that the dolphins would need to want to be with us or they would just swim off and the boat was not allowed to pursue them. When we arrived at the cove there was a large group of about 60 dolphins resting and playing. As we entered the crystal-clear water, which was about 120 feet deep they began to swim about 30 feet under us twirling and creating bubbles. It was beautiful to see and watch. They began to swim next to us within and often our eyes would meet. They were full of joy and love in their interactions with us. At one point during the encounters, I could feel a beautiful loving energy surrounding me and entering my body. It felt like Reiki but different. The dolphins told me intuitively that this was their sonar healing frequency. This was a specific healing energy they were able to produce naturally. For days after that experience, I felt so “blissed out”. Each time I went near the water I felt so connected and grateful both to the water and all its creatures. I found too that I know longer desired to eat fish because of my strong connection to the intelligence and beauty of the sea creatures. When I returned home for about a month the dolphins would come to me in my Reiki meditations and tell me I needed to help them and the other ocean animals. Man was destroying their homes. I kept saying to them What can I do?” I researched organizations that were helping with conservation of the oceans and donated when I could. I trained some Marine Biologists in Reiki so they could use it in their work. I joined PETA and regularly participated in sending emails for the protection of animals of the land and the sea. I did long distance Reiki sessions to animals I knew needed love, compassion and sometimes healing. It was and is sometimes overwhelming to hear in my inner mind or in my heart so many animals in distress. I just continue to do the work with the help of Reiki energy.

Visiting The Grey Whales of the San Ignacio Lagoon

Reiki OC Blog - True Stories from a Reiki Animal Communicator

Five years later, in 2017 I was unexpectedly called to the sea by the Grey Whales. The Grey Whales began coming to me in my meditation and waking hours telling me they now wished to work with me. They told me too that I was to develop an Animal Reiki Class and that they and the Holy Fire energy would guide me. I was to offer a special Holy Fire attunement in the class that would open the students to a stronger connection to the animal kingdom for intuitive connection and healing. The first class was to be scheduled after my return from my visit with them in March of 2018.

I was guided to find and contact an Animal Communicator who lives in Florida who takes people to Mexico to communicate with the whales. As I read and watched the videos of the whales at the San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja Mexico I was stunned. This preserve was a place where the whales sought out man to be touched, hugged, and kissed. Scientists could not explain this phenomenon. In March of 2018 I left for my trip with 20 other animal communicators from around the world to spend 6 days with these beautiful sentient beings. Here is my story.

It was a journey just to arrive at this remote area in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. We went by bus, by plane and by boat to arrive at our camp. We were totally unplugged for 4 days. As you looked out over the cliff to the water you could see the whales spy hopping, breaching, blowing from their blow holes usually 6-8 at a time. We went out into the lagoon twice per day for 2 hours each time. The small boats held 9-10 people and were powered with a small engine. The boat driver would take us near a whale and then cut the motor to see if the whale wanted to initiate human contact. Many would swim around us and dive under the boat. A few would come up to the boat and come out of the water for us to touch and kiss them. It was a surreal experience to look into the eye of the whale and or touch their skin. Their energy is so majestic and ancient. You can feel that you are in the presence of very wise sentient beings.

As I used my reiki energy to connect to the whales, I intuitively was told by the whales that some had chosen to be ambassadors for peace and connection with humans. They felt that by initiating these human contacts they could help to change the hearts and minds of man to understand their energetic intelligence. They asked that we each look to our behavior in honoring the earth, the sea and all its inhabitants. They explained that they use their presence under the water to help to keep the energy of the sea in balance. They asked that people who were drawn to help send their Reiki energy to the earth and to the sea. The light would help to keep the balance for all of life. The Grey Whales say, Thank You!