Reiki as a Tool for Developing Corporate Workplace Excellence

I have a corporate job working with 10 outpatient mental health programs. I have found that having Reiki in my toolbox for stress reduction and balance helps me to be a more creative, inspired, and innovative leader. I love that I can use Reiki to help me stay balanced and calm. I can use reiki to widen my perceptions so that I can see issues from multiple perceptions. When I need to develop a new process or articulate new policies, or procedures reiki helps to inspire me as to effective ways I can create and roll projects that are needed out.

Issues Faced in Corporate Life

  • All companies go through times of transition and change.This is often stressful for managers and employees. Having reiki to keep you balanced as you go through these transitional times can bring you the peace and balance you need to lead your peers and employees through these times with less stress.
  • Work relationships can sometimes be challenging. Forming collaborative relationships in the work environment is key to being an effective corporate leader. Keeping yourself balanced and open hearted by doing your self reiki can be a key to developing healthy, productive relationships with others. An effective leader builds positive relationships with others and is able to “listen” so others feel heard. Reiki helps you to do just that. I have found that adding reiki to my work situations helps me to keep my energy cooperative and calm. When I can stay in that place I mirror that to my peers which often calms down interpersonal stumbling blocks among other people on my team.
  • Developing new work processes can be challenging. Opening my third eye center with reiki really helps me to imagine new, creative ways of doing things. I often tap into a higher perspective for problem solving and project management. I love that I have this tool to help me tap into new, creative ways to accomplish my work project goals. Many times I have developed new systems where I felt like the reiki energy helped to download new ideas and systems effortlessly. These ideas or processes will effortlessly come into my mind and build on themselves as I calmly relax into the process.
  • Corporate stress can negatively affect your job performance. Stress can play a key role in depleting you of your energy in a corporate work environment. Using reiki to keep you grounded and balanced is a key to managing work related stress. Reiki helps you to not get bogged down in the details or become derailed by negative fears or barriers you hear or feel in your work environment. Reiki will help you to see a clear path to implementation and or resolution of work-related issues when others are stuck. The precepts of reiki remind us to stay present. Let go of anger and worry and use reiki to stay focused on our work from a higher perspective. Reiki helps me to look at obstacles as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Using reiki to clear your energy field and balancing your chakras before a big meeting works well to bring the best version of yourself to your corporate environment. When you hold the energy of collaboration, listening to others, and inspiration you help pull your team through the tough times. Not taking things personally as you interact with others helps you to stay in a place of positive movement for yourself, and for your company’s overall objectives.

I have found that whatever problem or work challenge that comes forward for me, Reiki aways helps me find a way to move to a positive, life affirming solution. When things feel messy I trust that things will shift in ways I am yet to understand. I find that sending Reiki to a situation is a great healer for the workplace too…

Here Are Some Tips, Which Can Be Used in a Corporate Work Environment:

  1. Meetings: Before entering into meetings, use reiki to clear the space and clear yourself so that you provide a positive workspace for you and your colleagues to work in. You can even add into the space positive affirmations to be held their for inspiration such as: may everyone feel heard, may we all work collaboratively together, may be all work from a place of inspiration where barriers are seen as opportunities for growth and innovation.
  2. A Difficult Boss or Colleague: Use your reiki to clear yourself and to provide energetic protection if that feels needed. Your power symbol can do just that. Ask reiki to help you use the right words or ideas that will help to break down barriers with a difficult colleague or boss. Ask reiki to help inspire you to see what this person may need from you or the work environment to help to build a more congenial work-related relationship.
  3. Before Starting Your Day: Give Reiki to your desk, keyboard, mouse for a good day. You can give reiki to your building and clear negative energy from the space. Giving everyone in the office a better place to work.
  4. Blessing Your Work Projects With Reiki: Before sending out a final project draw all the symbols including the distance symbol before sending it out. Let reiki bring light to the project and process of what you have created.
  5. Public Speaking: Give Reiki to yourself before you start any presentations, or conference. Let reiki help to inspire you to your greatness.
  6. Moving Out of a Stagnant or Strenuous Job: Sometimes we may not be happy in our jobs. Let reiki help you to align with what is for your highest good. Allow reiki to inspire you to what is right for you and to a job that helps you to develop from a place of inspiration and belonging. One thing I have noticed since becoming a reiki practitioner is that when something is no longer a match for me reiki will help me move through it, or guide me to look in a new direction. Sometimes things need to fall away that no longer serve our highest good. Reiki will shine a light for us to move forward in sometimes miraculous ways.
  7.  Interviews: Using your reiki before a job interview works exceptionally well. It will help boost your confidence for the interview. You will find you are inspired to answer questions in ways that really connect you to knowing if this is the right job and company for you. It can sometimes even help the interviewer to see that there may be another job within the company that is an even better fit for you. Using reiki for job interviews can make the experience feel magical. Try it and see.

Remember that you can create a sacred space in your workplace. Using reiki to help you to do this can be a wonderful way to shine the light of leadership, creativity and inspiration to both you, your colleagues and your company. Always remember that you are a lightworker. A bringer of light to wherever you go… this includes to your workplace.