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Reiki Orange County

Classes and Services for the Body/ Mind and Spirit in Southern California

Reiki For Children

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Reiki class for children a beautiful way to teach your child how to provide pure loving energy to themselves and others over the years I have had a number of parents called me requesting that I teach Reiki to their children it has always been a wonderful experience to see their child give and receive a Reiki session it is not uncommon that when a parent or relative begins giving Reiki sessions to the children and their family the child loves the experience and they asked to be able to give Reiki two I have found that a tuning and allowing the child to learn Reiki is a great way to teach the child how to relax and release tension and improve attention maintain a more loving disposition towards themselves and others and improve overall sleep patterns. I have found younger children are especially receptive to the Reiki energy they will often report that they feel a lot of warm loving energy surround them I find it is a lovely way for children to slow down and to experience the feeling of being unconditionally loved since Reiki releases energy blocks in the body children often report feeling very relaxed and happy after a session.

 I remember a mother who called me to see her five-year-old son with autism he was having behavioral problems in school and was becoming aggressive with other children in his class the mother wanted to see if Reiki could help him to release his aggressive behaviors and help him to feel more comfortable with his peers he loved Reiki from the very first session he had with me he said the energy felt like soft waves of light that made him feel good. After his first session with me his teachers reported he was doing much better and his interactions with his peers he return to see me for two more sessions I encouraged his mother to consider being a tune to the Reiki energy so that she could provide treatments to him at home when she asked him about his idea about this idea he said yes he wanted to learn Reiki to she so she booked a children’s Reiki class with me for her and her son several months later she called me to report that by doing Reiki session several times per week her son was able to deal with the symptoms related to autism much more effectively she felt it also helped her toFeel more relaxed and be a better mom if you would like to teach and a tune your child with their permission to the Reiki energy please call me to set up a private class children’s personal Reiki class with an adult cost is $150 additional children are $60 each class includes: what is Reiki history of Reiki Reiki one placement attunement how to do a Reiki session on self and others practice time giving and receiving sessions for you and your child book on Reiki for children and a special Reiki Crystal for healing certificate from Reiki orange county of the placement and attunement to the Reiki energy for your child to keep and frame if they wish wish. I dedicate this page to my grandsons such beautiful blessings to our family thank you Allie and Jeremy Schmidt for bringing these wonderful boys into our tribe to my dearest grandson’s Lucas Logan and Levi may your lives be filled with rainbows lollipops lost lots of amazing adventures much love and plenty of Reiki from all your grandmother’s grandfather John and your aunties too.