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Reiki Orange County

Classes and Services for the Body/ Mind and Spirit in Southern California

Reiki Crystal Healing Class

Reiki crystal healing certification many years ago I was blessed to take the Reiki crystal healing classes at peace Place in Sedona Arizona since that time I have spent many hours using what I was taught and found the information to be effective and invaluable in my practice of offering Reiki crystal healing sessions I am pleased to offer this class here in Southern California combining Reiki and crystal healing energy can enhance and strengthen both modalities if you are a Reiki to practitioner or above and would like to expand your knowledge of crystals this class is for you class will run from 9 AM to 6 PM each day is a two day course class includes: 30 page comprehensive class manual certificate of training and crystal clear kit kit including all 64 stones needed for the exercises in class and is yours to keep in this crystal healing course you will learn: how to balance and activate the chakras how to clear the aura and strengthen the Etheric field how crystal energy can cleanse the mental and emotional field how to use crystal energy and Reiki to develop healthy mental and emotional processes how to work with crystals to send healing energy to the earth methods to step out of ego and into higher consciousness how to cleanse program and nurture your crystals three powerful crystal healing Layouts and introduction to Crystal grids for distant healing receive symbols that help you align with the crystalline energy become certified as a Reiki crystal healing practitioner today!