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Reiki Orange County

Classes and Services for the Body/ Mind and Spirit in Southern California

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Intuitive Development Class 101

At Reiki Orange County, I conduct intuitive development training classes for Reiki practitioners who wish to understand and build their intuitive/psychic senses and knowledge.

When I learned Reiki 20 years ago and my teacher said, “Use your intuition, follow your inner guidance.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I soon signed up for a training program on developing my “inner senses.” As I learned and worked with teachers around the globe I was intrigued by the idea that these skills could be developed. I discovered that indeed they could, and I am a living example of that. It just takes time, knowledge, training, persistence, and practice.

I have spent many years researching, learning, and experiencing what I now understand as intuitive skills we can all build within ourselves. Unfortunately, our western culture does not often teach us that we are amazing, multidimensional beings with GREAT metaphysical capacities.

Learning, exploring, and building these skills will make us more self-actualized human beings. It is like an upgraded operating system we can build within us. Building our intellect and mental capacities along with our creative, imaginative, and intuitive psychic senses will truly integrate all parts of the brain and bring us into higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

Remember all great leaps forward in our evolution have come from just this type of process. Some scientists call this a “Quantum Jump”. This is our birthright, and this is where we are all headed as a species in the future. 

Come join me in learning and developing all the parts of who you are! This class will be offered on ZOOM... Dates/times to yet be determined... 

In This ZOOM Class, You Will Learn and Experience:

  • The basic principles of developing your intuition and psychic skills
  • How to heal cultural barriers and blocks from your current life experience that have kept you from developing your "inner senses".
  • How intuitive guidance comes in and works thru the chakra system
  • How to work with auras and chakras
  • How to develop and open the “third eye”
  • How to become a “intuitive researcher” of your mind and abilities as they develop and grow,
  • How to connect and trust your “higher self” and understand who you REALLY are.
  • The power and understanding of discernment
  • How to OWN your power.
  • How to reach past the “third dimension” and transcend “time and space”.
  • How to interpret energy and tap into higher dimensions of understanding.
  • How to connect to guides and helpers.
  • How to get answers.
  • How to use divination tools

Date: Dates for this class TBD (Next Class will be offered in Fall 2021)

Cost: $440.00 (Pay a $200 deposit; Balance of $240 due on the first day of class)

Please note that space is limited so no refunds will be provided. 

Deposit is required to hold your space.

This package includes: handouts, discussions and in-class practice via ZOOM, sessions with others to experience and develop your intuitive/psychic skills.

 No refunds will be given for this class.

When times and dates have been determined you can register for this class at: [email protected] or Call/Text 949.370.7592

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