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October 2019

I know I haven't been keeping up with this blog.. but I am back. I have had a very interesting few months in which I traveled to Sedona for the Reiki Retreat as well as to Mt Shasta to complete my QHHT Level II Practitioner Training. For those of you who know me you are aware that in the past I have not been a fan of social media. I often find it to be very negative for me to personally participate in. Since recently going to a marketing seminar I have decided to give it a try. The teacher of this class made a very interesting point. He agreed that their can be a lot of negativity on social media, even hate but as humans that are committed to love and compassion it is our job to spread the light into these dark areas. So all that being said I have hired a specialist in this area to help me spread light, information, love and compassion into these areas. I hope some of you might decide to join me. Like I always say, "Light will overtake darkness every time, no exception."

My First Reiki Experience

March 8,2019

Fifteen years ago I took my first Reiki Class. I know now that my soul guided me their. Any person who has known me would tell you I am always researching everything. Taking a Reiki Class was different. I remember I had read a book about emotions being energy. As a mental health professional, for then 30 years at that time I thought that was an interesting concept. That book was a gateway to me noticing a small ad for Reiki. It basically said Reiki was a Japanese Healing Technique that helped with relaxation and stress reduction. I never even looked it up, but just signed up for the class. 

When I arrived at the class I felt like I had arrived in another reality. The teacher began talking about something called metaphysics, energy medicine, and intuition. I was spellbound as she talked. Many of the concepts she discussed were a foreign language to me. I had never heard of any of these topics or ideas.  I listened intently and tried to make sense of what she was talking about. It  definitely peaked my curiosity. When she did what she called an "attunement" so that I could run this Reiki energy thru my body, I had a profound experience. As my eyes were closed I began to see vivid, beautiful colors, and felt tingles all over my body. It sounds like it might feel scary but it felt peaceful and loving. At one point she said if you would like to meet your "Reiki Guide" you can ask for them now as your eyes are closed. I thought to myself, "a guide" what an interesting idea. Could this be true? As I made my request I suddenly saw before me a Fairy. It looked a little like Tinker Bell. I could see it in my inner vision (with my eyes closed) and could feel it as it moved around the top of my head.  It felt like it was stirring things around. When she ended the meditation I was overwhelmed physically and emotionally by the experience. I had tears of loving emotion running down my face. It all felt so real. Could this be true? My heart said yes, and my intellect could not deny what had happened but was confused by it all. I remember crying all the way home after class because within me I felt so different. I felt so alive and so connected to everything. It could not be denied and I knew in my heart I would need to find out more to make sense of it all. 

And so my journey into metaphysics and energy medicine began. 

My thoughts about this experience today are that the soul decides if, and when we will wake up to who we really are. Some of us will. Ohers will not. It all depends on the journey we agree upon before our soul incarnated onto the earth. If we are lucky enough to "wake up" we will discover that we are multidimensional spiritual beings with untold capacities and abilities for high states of consciousness and awareness. 

Beginning my Blog... What's Not in the Book :)

March 7, 2019

Today I decided is the day to start a blog on my website. I am aware of how much I have to share since becoming a Reiki Practitioner 15 years ago. Prior to my first Reiki Class I was a left brain, scientific minded, research oriented, medical professional. When I took my first Reiki Class I had one of my first "Awakening Experiences". I wouldn't have called it that then since I had no mental awareness of what that even was, or meant. When the teacher told us to use our "inner senses" I thought what is that? Use your intuition? From that day forward I have been obsessed with learning more about who we really are. What multidimensional capacities do we really have? I have now been exploring and researching this question for over a decade. Traveling within my inner mind and also physically traveling around the world to find the answers to the question.

Learning Reiki has given me a solid platform to explore this question in deeper and deeper ways. Both for myself, and for all of my clients and students. I now consider myself a "Research Scientist", and student of what I consider the science of Metaphysics, consciousness, and Energy Medicine. These are such interesting subjects because they are areas that we are not yet able to fully quantify. Often the tools we use to validate these subjects are by our own experiences. In some ways that is also true in the scientific community. When I used to do research recruitment for mental health investigational drug studies we also quantified the efficacy of the drug based on the perceptions of how the drug affected the patient by patient report. When you can validate the same results time and time again with a group it becomes a scientific result. That is how I look at my experiences into what I call Metaphysical Science and Energy Medicine. 

My goals with this blog is to tell you events that have happened to me as I   research and explore these topics. As I tell my students have an open mind and an open heart. Be curious. I am not here to talk you into anything. Go out and explore it for yourself and you too will learn, what a magnificent spiritual being you are, and the great capacities you have to develop as a multidimensional being. 

Many people around the globe are awakening, and a great evolution of the consciousness of mankind is happening now! 

For those of you reading this initial BLOG and are curious about me, and my work, please go to my YELP page at Reiki Orange County to read what my clients and students have to say.

Welcome to my Blog... :)

Hold on to your seat for we are starting on a really great Disneyland ride …. My purpose is to open your mind to new possibilities